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Alcohol Gel Dispenser

Practical, safe, effective


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Pocket gel alcohol dispenser

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We exist to give. Give security, give more life, give more hope, give more color, give security to return to routine. And we want to give even more. Therefore, for each purchase you make through our website, 10% of the amount will revert to Ajuda de Berço.

Help this Association of Social Solidarity to give support, care and home to children completely unprotected, without a family context of any kind and without prospects of adoption.

Help us to help.

Practical and Functional

SpeedyHand dispensers are clipped to the outside of a gown, pants pocket, belt, suitcase or shopping bag. Then, just press its upper part twice to pour the recommended 3 ml of alcohol gel in the palm of your hand.

Disinfection is complete when you rub your hands for approximately 30 seconds.

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How to use

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The product is excellent, so much that I bought three. Congratulations for the designer, for ease to release the gel, for the different colors.

Once again, the product is beautiful.

But ... I also want to register my contentment for the attention, confidence that they deserve, and for the promptness in the service.

As a nurse, and always being exposed and always with my heart in my hands for me and my family and friends ...

I felt a lot safer when I started using my SpeedyHand. It's my best friend now.

Helping people on a daily basis, I consider this an indispensable accessory to keep me safe